* What is ghost-concierge ?

Ghost-concierge is a Miami-based virtual assistant company that was founded in 2016, with its liaison office in Paris.*

* What is the Ghostcard :

Addition to your Ghost-concierge digital concierge service, you benefit from your virtual”Ghostcard” allowing you an average annual savings of $5,360 by unlocking exclusive and unlimited advantages on more than a million hotels, car rentals, flights, events, brands and more around the world !

* Is Ghost-concierge a real person ?

Yes, we are a real person.

* What can I ask Ghost-concierge ?

Absolutely just anything that is legal. Our assitants are here to help you 5 days a week.

* Where are the assistants located ?

The assistants are located in the USA .

* How do I pay ?

It’s easy, we send you a quote and if you accept it the corresponding amount will be charged to the credit card associated to your account. We accept payments by Stripe, and single payment link .

* Ghost-concierge is it secure ?

Your banking information is secured via Stripe, the world’s number one bank data storage provider.

* Ghost-concierge ist’s only by SMS ?

We work specially by WhatsApp. If you prefer to place your order via SMS, or by email, we can adapt to your preference.

* Ghost-concierge until what time ?

We are at your service, 5 days a week from 9am to 6pm.

Can your assistants work for me even though I’m in a different country?

Yes, we service clients worldwide, as long as we can speak English and French to complete your task.

* What are the limits of Ghost-concierge ?

Each request has a 20 minute maximum duration (after 20 minutes the rate is $20 per hour).

We don’t perform physical intervention.

No abuse of the service, you only make one open request at a time.

* Here are some examples of requests received :

– I’m heading to New York next month, can you send me information on three reasonably priced, nice, well-reviewed places in Soho to eat?

– Please call and update my reservation at Sushi Shoba. There will be 4 of us now.

– I need a plumber! My toilets are unusable. Can you bring someone here as soon as possible?

– Can you send me a housekeeper home for tomorrow morning?

– We just moved the offices. Can you call all providers and update addresses?

– Can you find banks within 8 miles from my offices that have safe deposit boxes, and send me the monthly prices for rental?

– I have to fly from Los Angeles to Chicago on September 12 in the afternoon and return on September 20 in the morning. Please send me the best prices for direct flights.

– Can you send me a list of the restaurants in Little Italy in Manhattan?

– Can you book an appointment for my son Bryan to get her teeth cleaned with her dentist, Dr. Smith, this week?

– Make an appointment with a photographer for my wife’s birthday.

– Find a shoe repair shop around my house or office.

– Take steps to cancel a subscription.

– Repair my smartphone on site.

– Find a petsitter while on the go.

– Have flowers delivered.

– And more …

Meet Marc Morvilliers – CEO



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