Ghost Concierge

Time becomes an accessible luxury

Daily services to simplify your life and save time.

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Spend more time on what matters

Individuals, families or busy professionals, break free of daily chores and simplify your life! 

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A complete set of services

Find a locksmith or a plumber in an emergency. Get a delivery or a gift. Get a table and a babysitter on a moment's notice. There's a lot more to Concierge life...

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What can a Concierge do for you ?


Daily Life

Ghost Concierge takes care of life's little things. Leave those tasks to us so you can focus on what's important! Get started today...














Leisure and Travel

Ghost Concierge takes care of event tickets, trip planning and other reservations for you, just tell us and we'll get to work! Get started today...


Sports and well-being

Everyone wants more time for themselves. Ghost Concierge helps you plan your personal moments, sports and well-being services at home or on location. Get started today...















Ghost Concierge takes care of you ! Speak to your concierge and let us know what you need, we'll book your hair appointment (and remind you)or find the local spa with the best mud treatments... We know the best salons in town and which ones are trending. Get started today...



Ghost Concierge makes sure that we stay on top of local trendy spots to give you the best advice when it comes to nightlife. Two friends do a surprise visit on a Friday ? Give us a call to plan a memorable night out! Get started today...















Moving in or out ? Buying a second home ? Ghost Concierge helps you with the research and visits planning. We'll introduce you to the real estate agents and cut off intermediaries to save you time and money. Get started today...

Who can benefit from Concierge services ?

Ghost Concierge for individuals


Free up your mind by leaving
the daily hassle to us.

Ghost Concierge for professionals


Delegate your organizational detail so you concentrate on your professional objectives.

Ghost Concierge for families


More family time is just a phone call away, let us handle the chores and other typical family tasks.

Ghost Concierge for companies


Employees will be more relaxed and productive with our corporate Concierge service.

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