About Us

What we do

We provide a wide range of services daily, like finding a locksmith or a plumber in an emergency, getting a delivery or a gift, getting a table and a babysitter on a moment's notice.

Ghost Concierge's mission is to simplify your life, save you money and time!

« Time is a luxury that we can provide ! »

Why Us ?

  • We have a wide-reaching address book of qualified and specialized professionals that can be called upon on short notice for most of your needs. 
  • We personalize our service and suggestions to your personality and taste.
  • We are available by phone WhatsApp, text messages and email.
  • We offer a virtual "Ghostcard" to make our Concierge services accessible to all budgets, allowing members to save on more than 1,6 million offers in the USA and around the world (travel, car rental, flights, hotels, movie tickets ...)

* depending on the subscription level

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